James Higgerson

James Higgerson


Writer, music bore & researcher. My debut novel - The Almost Lizard - was published by Legend Press on 1st March 2013.

Manchester · http://www.jameshiggerson.com


  1. NOTE- The anticipation is that this would be a short programme, perhaps replacing 60 second news on BBC3.

  2. Idea for a gameshow: The Common DeVominator. Contestants have to try and watch Thatcher news coverage without vomiting. Last to spew wins.

  3. Hopefully Osborne et al are taking note - this country doesn't forget, and our grudges last for decades.

  4. Biblically enough the sun has shone through in the past couple of hours. If spring now kicks in I may consider theism.

  5. Microsoft Word is again making me doubt myself - unintrusive is a word. IS UNINTRUSIVE A WORD????

  6. My tweets are all grumpy today. Sorry! I think it's because I spent most of my weekend writing time playing Lego City Undercover.

  7. Nothing makes me want to scream at my computer more than a narcissistic Facebook friend, turning everything into a thing about them.

  8. Left the book I'm reading at home. It's on my desk. I am on the bus. Tweeting. I miss my book.

  9. Excited to announce we will be opening submissions for the 6th Luke Bitmead Bursary on 1st May. Watch the blog for details.

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